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Financial literacy is an essential skill for making savvy financial decisions, understanding the world around us and being a good citizen.

Despite this, financial literacy in the UK is low and often inadequate for making the types of financial decisions that are required today.


Financial literacy is particularly low amongst already vulnerable groups. We intend to change that.

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Our Goals


  • To use financial education as a tool to reduce the gender pay gap and to help eliminate social inequality.


  • To empower the next generation and ensure they engage in finance and their personal financial health at all stages of their life.


  • To remove the taboo of talking about money, especially in the workplace. We want transparency. 


  • To improve financial wellbeing, so people feel less anxiety and stress when it comes to their finances.


  • To push for all of society to receive a basic financial education regardless of age, background, race, gender, or location.


Meet Jackie

After graduating from Southampton university with a first-class honour’s degree in Biochemistry, Jackie joined a regional firm to train as an ACA chartered accountant. Once qualified, she worked in the finance teams of various companies, including biotechnology companies, manufacturing companies, FMCG, sports retail and consultancy. She is the finance director of one of the UK's fastest growing female sportswear brands and is now 5+ years post qualified. 

Being a chartered accountant, Jackie’s colleagues, friends and family would often come to her when they needed help to understand their personal finances. It became clear to Jackie that so many people had very little understanding of many vital financial aspects of their life such as tax allowances, how to read payslips, student loans, how to budget, inheritance tax and the finances and tax around buy to let properties. 

She also noticed that there was a real gap in the confidence of people in the businesses she worked in when it came to discussing and understanding finance when they were non-finance managers. Yet they had budgets to manage and key decisions to make. 


Jackie decided to form Savvy with the aim of ensuring more people have access to financial education. She aims to get rid of the anxiety around finance and introduce new habits into the next generation and beyond.

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“Financial literacy is knowledge and understanding of financial concepts and risks, as well as the skills and attitudes to apply such knowledge and understanding in order to make effective decisions across a range of financial contexts, to improve the financial well-being of individuals and society, and to enable participation in economic life”

(OECD- Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).

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