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Research has shown that young people exposed to secondary school financial education are much less likely to have problems with debt as young adults. In a survey published in March 2023 by the London Institute of Banking and Finance, 82% of 15- to 18-year-olds said they wanted to learn more about money and finance in school. Let us provide this for you and ensure pupils and parents feel prepared for their next chapter.


  • Are DBS checked.

  • Offer financial education from Key stage 2 to Sixth form.

  • Can provide staff and parent workshops as add-ons.


Our workshops are tailored to the age of students that will be participating and can be tailored to the needs of your school and the interests of your pupils.

Our Workshops


Sixth form

We’ll cover topics such as:

-Student loans, other university costs and budgeting whilst at university 

-Payslips, student loan repayments and the finances of their first job.

-The finances of self employment.


Senior School

We’ll cover topics such as:

-The different types of pensions and how pensions work. 

-Inflation, investing and taxation. 

-Debt, budgeting and saving.


Junior School

We’ll cover topics such as:

-Money basics and saving vs spending.

-Budgeting and buying goods and services.

-The world after work-apprenticeships, earnings, tax, work place benefits. 


We can also run:

-Workshops to help parents understand student loans and student finance.

-Workshops for parents to help them understand how they can teach their children more about finances at home.

interaction in class


Set your pupils up for financial success in the future.


Mental health benefits

Financial worries are one of the leading causes of poor mental health. Our workshops support positive financial wellbeing into adulthood.


School inspections

There is increasing pressure on schools to provide financial education especially with the proposed new ISI inspection framework for 2023 and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Financial Education for Young People February 2023 report that recommends Ofsted undertake deep dives on financial education in schools. Our workshops mean you will have the confidence and the evidence that you are providing pupils with adequate financial education.


Done for you

Provide pupils with adequate financial education, without increasing pressure on your staffing team as we will do the work for you. This means you don’t have to spend time training current staff to provide financial education on top of their already crammed timetables.


Continuous learning

We are on TikTok and Instagram so your pupils can continue their financial education by following us on social media. We can reach them where they spend their time!

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