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Personal financial education for your team

86% of employees admit they have money worries. 74% admit that these worries affect them at work. This leads to 3.6 lost hours every week per employee.

Employees who are suffering from money-related anxiety and stress cost UK businesses up to £70 billion per year due to lost productivity, absenteeism, and high staff turnover.

We know that the overall health of your employees, both physical and mental, is important to you and your business.


You want to support your staff to become the best and healthiest versions of themselves. This includes looking after their financial wellbeing and so reducing their anxiety and stress. Therefore, financial wellbeing is an essential part of your overall employee wellness strategy.

By contributing to your employee’s financial literacy and understanding by engaging with us and offering workshops to your team, you are helping them to understand their personal financial situation better which can lead to more engaged, productive, and happier people in your business.


According to PWC, 46% of millennials say that loyalty to their employer is influenced by how much the company cares about their financial wellbeing and 81% of millennials are more likely to be attracted to another company that cares more about their financial wellbeing. Supporting your employee’s financial wellbeing by providing access to financial education and expert support can have a positive effect on your staff retention rates.

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Our workshops and sessions tackle subjects such as pay slips, student loans, pensions, and other relevant areas of finance with your team so they have a much better understanding of their current financial position and changes they may want to make to get themselves into a better position for the future. 76% of employees do not know what tax allowances and reliefs are available to them-let’s change this together.

We offer:

30 minutes

Savvy lunches-snappy 30-minute sessions

Quick sessions to cover desired topics. Can be done as a series of weekly/monthly sessions on different topics. 

1 hour workshops

Deeper dives into key financial issues.  

Let us explain key aspects of their compensation package. 

Let us explain more about income tax. 

Question and answer sessions. 

Half day detailed sessions

Detailed workshops. 

Can be tailored to the topics your staff want covered e.g. income tax, pensions, credit scores. 

Question and answer sessions

We run most of our workplace sessions on zoom but can come to your office if preferred.

Sessions can be recorded and sent out within 48 hours for anyone that missed them.

“Finance wellbeing is about having the confidence and clarity to manage your finances effectively”.

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